About HPAC

  • Please review the current draft of our updated Bylaws via download or view summary below  – all draft changes are in RED.
  • Please submit comments, concerns, additions, or suggested changes at our Jan 24th meeting (see details below) or via email by Jan 25 to hpacchair@gmail.com.

Highland Park Action Committee: Highland Park’s Neighborhood Group.
An all volunteer & not for profit. Our role is to be an advocate for Highland Park and to affect positive change in our neighborhood.

Please join us on the 4th Wednesday of every month
Doors open at 6:30
Meeting from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
at the Highland Park Improvement Club on the corner of 12th Ave SW and SW Holden.
Email:  hpacchair@gmail.com

highlandpark map

Purpose: The Highland Park Action Committee (HPAC) shall be a nonprofit organization for the purpose of preserving and improving the neighborhood in accordance with the wishes of the community.  HPAC shall strive to inform the community about matters affecting the quality of life in the community, provide leadership in addressing community needs, communicate with governmental agencies in an effort to represent the interested of the community, and cooperate with other organizations and persons having similar interests.

Membership: All persons living or working within the boundaries, or owning a business or property located within the boundaries shall be members of the Highland Park Action Committee. Membership is free. Donations gladly accepted!

Boundaries:  SW Roxbury on the south, Delridge on the west, Holden on the north, 509 on the east.

Current HPAC_Bylaws

HPAC Bylaws draft revision 12-16-2017

Summary of changes:

Membership- revised to allow participation of neighboring area residents (Riverview) where appropriate.

Meetings- revised to specify a First Quarter annual meeting for elections and organizational business. Added clarification for email and social media notification of HPAC meetings.

Executive Committee- revised to specify a minimum of 3 members (no maximum) and allow for members to hold multiple positions or at-large seats. Added a designated liaison. Added provision for appointment to vacant positions between annual elections.

Committees- revised to provide for Infrastructure and Community Engagement standing committees.

Finances- revised to acknowledge that funding is tied to HPIC. Increased Executive discretionary spending limit from $100 to $500. Added language to acknowledge additional funding sources such as grants.

Recall of Officer- Clarification of existing 2-step process for recall of Executive Committee member.

Indemnification- Added boilerplate indemnification language per RCW 24.03.43

Non-Discrimination- Added named protected classes.

Changes to Bylaws- Removed 2-step process restriction to allow adoption of Bylaws revisions at the Annual Meeting for ease of passage where changes are not disputed.

Dissolution- Stipulates that HPAC funds return to HPIC should HPAC be dissolved. Alternatively funds would go to HP PTSA if HPIC is not able to receive funds.

HPAC Review:

By-laws document presented for review to the HPAC on TBD

HPAC Approval:

Bylaws approved and become effective on TBD

Executive Committee Signatures:

Chair Person(s) signature and Date:

  • ____________________________________________ Date: ________________________
  • ____________________________________________ Date: ________________________


Assistant Chairperson

_______________________________________________   Date: ________________________



_______________________________________________   Date: ________________________



_______________________________________________   Date: ________________________





Thank you to Dina of DIGITAL GENIE for redesigning our logo and outreach material. Check out her work and hire local!

Dina Lydia, is an artist a versatile visual designer, photographer and video editor located in the Delridge district of West Seattle.


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