February 27 Meeting Agenda

  • discussion with Seattle Parks about progress at Westcrest Park
  • discussion with Food Lifeline about their intentions for the property which currently hosts Nickelsville
  • nutritionist’s take on how important Vitamin D is in our climate (especially at this time of year)
  • quick look at some options we have as a community for pursuing more trees at Riverview
  • vote on leadership for HPAC, current leadership was re-nominated in January, and we welcome Nancy Calos-Nakano’s interest in the vice-chair position

Camping in the Greenbelt

We have a commitment from the Mayor’s office to help us get the greenbelt cleaned up, but we need your help and experience to locate encampments: please call the City’s Customer Service Bureau at 684-2489 with specific locations of encampments in the greenbelt. (The more calls the better)

More Trees at Riverview Park

We got positive feedback from the community and from Mark Mead, Senior Urban Forester for Seattle, about adding some trees at Riverview Park. Have an opinion? let us know.

Two-part series with our Community Police Team

Responding to requests and frustrations we are hearing from the community, we are hosting a series of talks with our Community Police Officer. The first one was this week and was a discussion about using the Emergency Response System more effectively. We had great turnout with a lot of new faces and a long discussion with Officer Kiehn about specific concerns in our neighborhood. His email for your reference is jonathan.kiehn@seattle.gov. The most important thing we learned was to call the police. They don’t know about things that happen, suspicious behavior, activity, or problem properties unless we tell them.  

The second meeting focuses on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Please join us on February 13 at 7:00 at HPIC to discuss the neighborhood with the police, how we can be more empowered, how we can help ourselves improve our part of the neighborhood, and how we can help the police help us. The presentation will be about 45 minutes, followed by your questions and discussion. 

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