Got Ideas?

We’re waiting to hear back on some grants that we think will help improve Highland Park:
  • Highland Park Way / Holden intersection improvements
  • Highland Park Playground pedestrian access
  • A better Cloverdale connection to the dogpark at Westcrest
  • And we’re working on figuring out one to apply for a Greenway through the neighborhood, and more trees at Riverview.
These are all ideas that we have heard of from you, our Highland Park Neighbors. If you have ideas for the neighborhood, tell us what they are so we can get them  in the hopper! 

Camping in the Greenbelt

We have a commitment from the Mayor’s office to help us get the greenbelt cleaned up, but we need your help and experience to locate encampments: please call the City’s Customer Service Bureau at 684-2489 with specific locations of encampments in the greenbelt. (The more calls the better)

More Trees at Riverview Park

We got positive feedback from the community and from Mark Mead, Senior Urban Forester for Seattle, about adding some trees at Riverview Park. Have an opinion? let us know.