First 2023 HPAC Meeting, Wed. Jan. 25, 7-8:30p.m./via Zoom~

We’ll be welcoming our new SW Precinct LEAD Project Manager Michelle McClendon for updates on public safety around the Rozella Building in South Delridge and to hear about other area concerns and hotspots. You may remember Sean Blackwell in this role last year. He’s been reassigned to another position, we wish him well and willContinue reading “First 2023 HPAC Meeting, Wed. Jan. 25, 7-8:30p.m./via Zoom~”

Find out about the plans for Highland Park Way and SW Holden Intersection: SDOT comes to HPAC October Meeting 10/23/2019

All HPAC meetings are held at the Highland Park Improvement Club, 1116 SW Holden St. Seattle, WA 98106 on the 4th Wednesday of the month (from Jan – June & Sept – October) Doors open at 6:30 – Meeting from 7:00 – 8:30 pm HPAC: Neighbors Building Community inHighland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge Welcome toContinue reading “Find out about the plans for Highland Park Way and SW Holden Intersection: SDOT comes to HPAC October Meeting 10/23/2019”

Surplus City Light Properties Discussion at HPAC

Seattle City Light has some surplus properties in our neighborhood that they are considering selling and are seeking public comment on the idea. More information can be found on Seattle City Light’s surplus properties website.  We asked them to come discuss these properties with us at last night’s HPAC meeting. We also asked Seattle Parks to comment on them: they are not interested in these propertiesContinue reading “Surplus City Light Properties Discussion at HPAC”

Announcements and Notes from September HPAC meeting

Our Parks: West Crest / West Seattle Reservoir Park will begin construction in late winter, scheduled to be finished by summer of 2014. There are still some decisions being made about re-using and moving the existing play equipment, and we will be informed when those decisions have been made. We received a NPSF grant toContinue reading “Announcements and Notes from September HPAC meeting”

September 25th HPAC meeting

The agenda is getting packed for our SEPTEMBER HPAC MEETING on the 25th at 7pm. We will have several guests:  David Barber from Seattle City Light speaking about their two surplus properties in our neighborhood and seeking our input. More info on this website, addresses in question are 8820 9th ave SW (near 9th and Henderson)  and 1605 SW Holden (acrossContinue reading “September 25th HPAC meeting”

Grants coming to life!

Check out the slideshow on West Seattle Herald and the blurb in West Seattle Blog for info about the new raingarden at HPIC- we’re in the middle of applying for more grants with Sustainable Seattle’s help, so stay tuned for some awesome changes coming to 12th and Holden! We also have some great news about the OpportunityContinue reading “Grants coming to life!”

Grant Updates

We just found out today that two grants that we put forth for the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund have been selected to move on to the next round of review and feasibility studies! Final award recommendations won’t be made until August, so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed until then- but this is a hopefulContinue reading “Grant Updates”

Spring Clean

Here at HPAC, we try to help you help yourselves and your neighborhood- so we’re passing on this information about Seattle’s Spring Clean, which is held each year in April and May. The  city will supply things like garbage grabbers, gloves, bags, safety vests, and paint/supplies to take care of graffiti. All you have toContinue reading “Spring Clean”

Westcrest Park Updates and Volunteer Opportunities

We heard from Rick Nishi of Seattle Parks at our last meeting with a current plan of Westcrest Park / West Seattle Reservoir. See the latest plan here. The Kinetic sculptures created by artist David Boyer will be installed in three locations on the site, represented by the clusters of red dots on the plan. TheContinue reading “Westcrest Park Updates and Volunteer Opportunities”

Got Ideas?

We’re waiting to hear back on some grants that we think will help improve Highland Park: Highland Park Way / Holden intersection improvements Highland Park Playground pedestrian access A better Cloverdale connection to the dogpark at Westcrest And we’re working on figuring out one to apply for a Greenway through the neighborhood, and more treesContinue reading “Got Ideas?”