HPAC Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2018

(Draft for Approval)

The meeting was called to order by HPAC Chair Charlie Omana at 7:00pm.  Executive members present: Vice-Chair Gunner Scott, Secretary James Tucker, and Treasurer Michelle Glassley.

Community discussion with SPD SW Precinct Lieutenants Steve Strand and Ron Smith and Robert Stowers from Seattle Parks and Recreation

Ron Smith, who is retiring after 38 years serving the community, was honored with a cake.  Ron reflected on his years at the Seattle Police Department (SPD).  Lieutenant Steve Strand will be replacing Ron at his post in the Southwest Precinct.  Steve is very familiar with the community.

The meeting attendees discussed the issue of recreational vehicles (RVs) parked on residential streets and parks was discussed with the officers.  Lieutenant Strand talked about the draft protocol for RVs which includes an offer of human services and shelters.  It was noted at vehicles over 80 inches in width were not permitted to park in residential areas from the hours of midnight to 6am.  After services are offered, SPD can put a 24 hour sticker on the vehicle, and it can be impounded after that period has expired.  A problem that Lieutenant Strand brought up is that many times the RVs are in such poor condition that they are auctioned off for less than the impound fees, often being repurchased by the owners.  It was suggested that the City’s legislative and executive branches need to better address the issue so that the police can effectively enforce.  Treating the RV issue as a parking issue and not a homeless issue would make enforcing much easier for officers.  The officers noted that there is a proposal for navigation teams specifically for RVs.

HPAC Chair Omana asked Seattle Parks and Recreation head Robert Stowers about what happens when an RV is on Parks property outside of park hours.  Mr. Stowers said that Parks is a part of the navigation teams, and the political environment is difficult since it’s see as a homeless issue.  Advocate groups have applied a lot of pressure on city government to address the homeless issue.  Mr. Stowers informed the attendees that Parks is starting to put up gates at park entrances now to discourage parking by RVs.

Concerns were raised about Riverview Park and the RVs parked there and associated illegal activities there.  It was noted that any time there is sanitary or environmental risk it adds more ability for the City to do something about the RV.  Also, SPD must be careful when impounding an RV in order to not have it turn into a lawsuit which might affect the future ability to impound.

HPAC Chair Omana raised the issue of the Meyers Way parcels and when they might be transferred to Parks department as originally planned.  Mr. Stowers said that after Camp Second Chance stops getting a renewal then the parcels will be transferred to the Parks department.  Parks budgets are a 6 year plan, and the next round of budgeting will be in the Spring of 2019 for the 2020-2026 budget.  If the parcels are released by Spring 2019, then they could be included in planning.  Nothing has been designed for the parcels as of yet.

HPAC Chair Omana brought up the issue of the landslide on Highland Park Way.  Omana had contacted SDOT about landslide mitigation efforts, but SDOT said that it was not a high priority at that site right now.  Mr. Stowers said to follow up with him and he’ll have an urban forest person come and take a look at the area.

The next issue discussed was a recent series of break-ins in Highland Park.  Lieutenant Smith said that there were four different break-ins, possibly committed by one individual.  One person of interest has been identified.  Emphasis patrols have been started in the area.  The use of window locks or simple wooden dowels to keep windows closed was advised.

Community Announcements

Highland Park Improvement Club

Corner Bar returns 7/6 folowed by Art Lounge.  The HPIC yard sale will be on September 8th.

Your Voice Your Choice

Voting on Your Voice Your Choice is open until July 16th.

Delridge Triangle

An application to the Neighborhood Matching Grant program has been submitted for Phase 1 design work.  See http://delridgetriangle.org for more information.

National Night Out

National Night Out is on August 7th.

West Duwamish Trails Association

The West Duwamish Trails Association has a couple of guided hikes planned on 7/7 and 8/4 for the Duwamish areas.

West Seattle Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is hosting a forum for candidates in the upcoming area elections on 7/19.

Approval of Minutes

The HPAC meeting minutes for the meeting on May 23, 2018 were approved with a small change from “northbound” to “southbound” in regards to the left-turn lane project at Holden and 16th Ave SW.

HPAC Executive Committee Updates

Meyers Way Camp Second Chance

A joint letter was sent by Highland Park Action Committee and the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council lamenting the renewal of the Camp Second Chance (C2C) permit.  An excerpt from the letter was read,

The neighborhoods of Highland Park and the various neighborhoods comprising the unincorporated urban area of North Highline are extremely disappointed to hear that the City of Seattle has extended the permit for Camp Second Chance for an additional 12 months at the Myers Way Parcels (Fiscal and Administrative Services PMA #4539-4542). With this extension, the camp will have effectively been present at the current site for 2 years and 8 months, easily exceeding the allowed 2 year stay duration for encampments as outlined in Seattle Municipal Code Section 23.42.056, subsection E.1.

Over the past decade, Highland Park has hosted three encampments and served as a staging area for a proposed safe lot for individuals residing in recreational vehicles. This burden has impacted not only our neighborhood, but the neighborhoods immediately south of us along the city limit. No other neighborhood in Seattle has willingly or unwillingly taken on as much and to the same extent!”

Walk through with Mayor’s office representative

HPAC representatives and community members are invited to meet the morning of 7/13 at HPIC to walk a member of the Mayor’s office to the future Highland Park Way roundabout site.  This should help emphasize the problems of the HP Way/SW Holden intersection.  HPAC Chair Omana filmed a brief interview about the roundabout with KOMO News recently to raise awareness.

Mayor’s Visit to Highland Park

HPAC Chair Charlie Omana has been in touch with Chris Faulkner at SDOT and he said that SDOT had been developing a plan for a left turn lane for northbound 16th Ave SW at SW Holden St.  However there is no project to implement any design on the books.  HPAC needs to get a definitive answer.  Charlie Omana will reach out to other city contacts and Lisa Herbold for more information.

West Seattle Blog

Chair Charlie Omana said that the West Seattle Blog provides great service to West Seattle residents, and suggested it might be nice to pay them back.  If you have any ideas please send them to hpacchair@gmail.com.

Strategic Planning for HPAC

HPAC has been working to better Highland Park for at least 30 years, and we need to work on strategic planning for the future.  With goals like getting more people involved in HPAC and ensuring continuity between executive boards from year to year. This is something we’ll be addressing over coming months.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
Submitted 9/18/2018 by HPAC Secretary James Tucker.
There will not be meetings in July or August.
The next HPAC meeting will be Wednesday, September 26th, 2018.

HPAC Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2018

(Approved with amendments on June 27, 2018)

The meeting was called to order by HPAC Chair Charlie Omana at 7:00pm, and the minutes for the April 25, 2018 were approved. Executive members present: Vice-Chair Gunner Scott and Secretary James Tucker.

Highland Park Way / SW Holden St Roundabout Project Update

James Le from the Seattle Department of Transportation updated HPAC on the Highland Park Way / SW Holden St Roundabout project.  In October of 2012 a proposal for the roundabout was made by former HPAC Chair Brian Dougherty.  In 2013 the committee applied for a grant through the Neighborhood Street Fund for a roundabout or traffic signal.  In 2017, the Find It Fix It meeting with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Councilmember Herbold highlighted the need for a roundabout.  Afterwards $200,000 was dedicated to start the design work on the roundabout.  Also, $300,000 was dedicated to construction.  In 2017, an attempt to get a state grant for additional needed funds was denied, but it was noted that the grant proposal received a great number of letters in support from the community.  In April 2018, WSDOT encouraged SDOT to apply for a grant under the state’s City Safety Program which bases approval on reduction of fatal or serious injury.  The HP roundabout project was found to have a 4 to 1 benefit/cost ratio in this regards, with a 2 to 1 ratio being considered good.  We’ll hear about whether this grant succeeds in December 2018.

James Le spoke then about the current state of the project.  Approximately $50,000 has been spent for a survey. Basemapping, which overlays utilities and the like, is taking place now.  The next step is analysis and design concepts which $100,000 has been allocated.  A design firm is being contracted to start this phase.  The entire project is estimated currently to cost around $2.5 million, $800k for materials and labor, a 40% contingency for cost overruns or additions, and 25% design/inspection/right-of-way costs.  Outreach from SDOT will be done once the design phase is underway to solicit feedback from the community.

A good summary of the discussion can be found on the West Seattle Blog at http://westseattleblog.com/2018/05/from-the-roundabout-to-the-triangle-highland-park-action-committee/

Community Announcements

Highland Park Improvement Club

The Album Side Saturday event will be held the second Saturday in June with music and food from 4-8pm.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Feedback

The city produced a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for ADUs in May 2018 and is seeking feedback.  You may find the report and submit feedback up until June 25th at http://www.seattle.gov/council/adu-eis.

RV Problem

There was discussion on the problem of people living in their RV’s in Highland Park, particularly near Riverview Park.  The problem of how to get the city to enforce the laws already on the books was brought up. Specifically, that vehicles wider than 80 inches can’t park overnight on streets in areas not zoned industrial.  Also, an RV is the jurisdiction of the Parks Department when on park property, and the Seattle Police Department when on rights-of-way.  Having SPD and the Parks Department attend a future HPAC meeting was discussed.

Delridge Triangle Project

Kim Barnes from the Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Community Coalition discussed a project to redesign a small patch of land at SW Barton St and 18th Ave SW called the Delridge Triangle.  The current design of the property is encouraging of  bad behavior like drug use.  The project team is working to get a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from Seattle to fund phase one which includes coming up with a new design for the property.  Phase two would be build-out of that design and be funded by a future grant.  To get the matching grant requires community involvement, so the team is asking for people to get informed and involved.  Look for upcoming communications asking for pledges of time, labor, money, and/or in-kind contributions to help bolster the grant applications chances of success.  See https://delridgetriangle.org/ for more information.

HPAC Executive Committee Updates

Mayor’s Visit to Highland Park

The current status was reported by Chair Charlie Omana.  HPAC is still trying to get a commitment for when Mayor Durkan will attend an HPAC meeting.  A deputy mayor will be attending a morning meeting in coming weeks to see the challenges currently being encountered at the Highland Park Way and SW Holden intersection.

Update on 16th and Holden Left Turn Lane

HPAC Chair Charlie Omana has been in touch with Chris Faulkner at SDOT and he said that SDOT had been developing a plan for a left turn lane for northbound southbound 16th Ave SW at SW Holden St.  However there is no project to implement any design on the books.  HPAC needs to get a definitive answer.  Charlie Omana will reach out to other city contacts and Lisa Herbold for more information.

Next Steps for Meyers Way

Vice-Chair Gunner Scott discussed the current status of the Meyers Way encampment work being done by HPAC.  Many letters are being sent to city officials asking for our concerns to be addressed.  Future updates will be forthcoming.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Submitted 6/17/2018 by HPAC Secretary James Tucker.

The next HPAC meeting will be Wednesday, June 27th, 2018.

HPAC Meeting Minutes – April 25, 2018

(Approved May 23, 2018)

The meeting was called to order by HPAC Chair Charlie Omana at 7:10pm, and the minutes for  the March 28, 2018 were approved. Executive members present: Vice-Chair Gunner Scott, Secretary James Tucker, and Treasurer Michelle Glassley.

HPAC Executive Committee Updates

Meyers Way Follow-up Letter

The letters sent to the Director of the Human Services Department Catherine Lester were discussed.  For the most recent letter, see HERE.  Discussion continued with a history of the Meyers Way encampment, followed by discussion of the response HPAC received from Ms. Lester.  The response letter is posted HERE for your reference, and further discussion posted HERE.

Meeting with Representatives from Mayor’s Office

Chair Charlie Omana discussed a recent meeting with representatives from the Mayor’s Office, including the Director of External Relations and Outreach.  The Mayor’s Office solicited feedback from various neighborhood groups about how to improve communications.

Highland Park Way project Update

Chair Charlie Omana discussed a recent email communication with Jim Curtin who is managing the Highland Park Way roundabout project. In May 2017 $200,000 was committed for design of the roundabout.  When asked about an additional $300,000 which was reported as being identified for the project, HPAC was told that no other funds have been committed.

City Council-member Lisa Herbold, who was in attendance at HPAC’s April 2018 meeting, believes that the $300,000 is committed to the project and will follow up on the situation.  Currently, SDOT is completing the survey of site conditions, and expects it to be complete within 30 days of mid-April.  After the site survey is complete, the design can begin.  SDOT also has a public engagement plan which includes public meetings to discuss the roundabout project.  HPAC Chair will be following up in late May / early June.

Mr. Curtin also relayed that a grant proposal was submitted for the WSDOT 2018 City Safety Program. He does not expect to hear back on whether the grant is funded until December 2018.  The hope is for the project to move forward sooner rather than later, as costs will only increase with time. The total cost of the project is estimated at $2.5M with $200K committed thus far.

HPAC is still seeking a mayoral visit to the neighborhood. There were discussions with the mayor’s office about inviting the Deputy Mayor to view the Highland Park Way traffic issue in a morning meeting.  This will be communicated out once details are known.  There was also discussion of having Mayor Durkan attend a future HPAC meeting.

Open Discussion on Timely Issues

The remaining portion of the meeting consisted of an open discussion of various topics affecting quality of life in Highland Park.  The topics discussed are listed below.


How to build a greater sense of community in Highland Park.

  • Highland Park Improvement Club
  • Park benches
  • Parklets
  • Roundabout beautification
  • Outreach to renters
  • Night Out in August
  • Create an HPAC listserv for multi-way communication


  • Upzone of City Light lot at 16th Ave SW and SW Holden St.  An upzone of the parcel would make development more attractive.
  • 9th Ave Country Grocery and Deli property is for sale – Discussed rezoning of residential property to commercial to create a larger commercial space. Would require property owner to seek rezone
  • Food markets

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Light rail
  • Increase in service for bus line 131.  An effort will be made to have a representative from King County Metro attend a future HPAC meeting.
  • Bicycle service
  • Ride-share / taxi service
  • Crosswalk at 11th Ave SW and SW Henderson St.

Crime & Safety

  • Property crime increase
  • Car thefts/prowls
  • Police presence
  • New Seattle Police chief.  An invitation will be made to the new Seattle Police chief, once named, to an HPAC meeting.

In attendance and providing useful information on their programs were the following:

King County RainWise
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
Duwamish Rowing Club

The meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

Submitted 5/6/2018 by HPAC Secretary James Tucker.

The next HPAC meeting will be Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018.

HPAC Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2018

(Approved April 25, 2018)

Community Announcements

  • Highland Park Improvement Club Updates

HPIC has many upcoming events including Corner Bar featuring the band Moonspinners on 4/6, Art Lounge on 4/13, and family movie night on 4/20. There will be an HPIC work party on 4/29 from 10am-2pm. Coming in May is the 10th annual Uncorked fundraiser, and coming in June is the 2nd annual Album Side party featuring a food truck and paper airplane contest for the kids.

  • Seattle Police Department Updates

Lt. Ron Smith reviewed crime statistics for the area.  Highland Park is seeing a drastic increase in property crimes. Residential burglary count is 21 so far this year, with only 10 at the same point last year.  Car prowls are up 14 from last year thus far.  An effort is underway to get an emphasis patrol for the Highland Park / South Delridge area.

HPAC Executive Committee Updates

  • Introductions

The HPAC 2018 Executive Committee was introduced, including Charlie Omana as Chair, Gunner Scott as Vice Chair, Michelle Glassley as Treasurer, and James Tucker as Secretary.

  • HPAC Letter  and Meeting concerning Camp Second Chance and Myers Way Parcels

The letter  written by HPAC to the head of the Seattle Human Services Department regarding the Camp Second Chance renewal was discussed. Various requests of the city were made in the letter, and we have yet to hear back. It was also pointed out that Highland Park and surrounding neighborhood has borne the brunt of the homelessness issue, and it’s only equitable to have other neighborhoods step up to host encampments. Other issues raised included jurisdictional issues and feeling that those who were voicing negative comments about the camp were not being heard by the City.

  • Meeting with Mayor’s Office

Vice-Chair Gunner Scott met with the mayor’s office to discuss a meeting to Highland Park for which the mayor accepted an invitation during her West Seattle “town hall” meeting on February 24, 2018. HPAC has not yet received a response from the mayor. Watch this space.

Find It, Fix It Walk Report Read-Through

The Find It, Fix It Community Walks: Post-Walk Update report issued by the city for Highland Park in October 2017 was reviewed and discussed.

Standing Committee Breakout Session: Neighborhood Infrastructure and Neighborhood Engagement

Time was running short, so committee breakout sessions did not take place.

Next Meeting

Please be sure to join us for our April 25, 2018 HPAC Community Open House! Food and drink will be provided.

Come learn about HPAC, share your thoughts and comments about what is needed in the neighborhood, and most of all, share some food in the great company of your neighbors. All are welcome, including kids. We will have low key format. Let’s kick off spring together!

To ensure that there is enough food for everyone, please be sure to RSVP at the following link by April 13, 2018: RSVP here.

HPAC Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017 & See You in September!

HPAC Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017

SPD Update:

Lt. Ron Smith: reviews crime statistics

Car prowls still big problem although, down from last year.

Arrested man for human trafficking of 18 year old woman.

Opportunities at our sister organization HPIC: Communications/Social Media, Finance Committee and Party Staff

Email hpic1919@gmail.com about any of these opportunities.
  • Communications/Social Media We are looking for member/volunteer(s) to help represent HPIC to our community via our email, Facebook and webpage. This is an important role, needed in the next few weeks. The person(s) in this role should love social media, understand Gmail and/or other email applications, and have the ability to make web posts through WordPress and/or other web applications. We are considering changing our email and website applications, so please be savvy and flexible on the computer!
  • Finance Committee: Are you a nuts and bolts person when it comes to getting things done? HPIC is a non-profit and that also means it’s a business. We need member/volunteers with vision and financial/business knowledge (or interest) to help us grow into a sustainable, self-supporting neighborhood resource.
  • Party Staff (paid – $20.00 per hour) We are looking for HPIC members who are interested in being Party Staff for Private Rentals at HPIC. HPIC views every rental as an opportunity for outreach, and for serving the needs of our community. The Party Staff will have the important role of making a positive connection with the renters while also making sure that their event is respectful to the property and the neighborhood. This is an opportunity to experience celebrations and events of various cultures.

Micro Community Policing Plan for Highland Park
Jennifer Burbridge Research Analyst Micro Community Policing Plan Focus Group

Handed out summary of community policing plan.

Good discussion about the most frequent crime issues that members of the community are dealing with. Also, discussion about what members feel is most needed from the police department. Many felt that we need more police, including more than one station in all of West Seattle and South Park, and more police presence.

Announcement of goal:
HPAC to develop our own Neighborhood Design Guidelines for Highland Park in conjunction/including with South Delridge, and Riverview. Currently, neighborhoods such as Morgan Junction, Greenwood, Ballard,Uptown, Downtown, and Wallingford have neighborhood specific design guidelines. If you are interested in joining this subcommittee, attend the September meeting and/or email hpacchair@gmail.com to join this newly forming subcommittee.

Steering committee to compose letter to the Mayor stating HPAC’s response to his executive order to cut ties with the 13 Neighborhood District Councils.

No votes taken at this meeting.

Next meeting is September 28, 2017

Sneak Peek at September Draft Agenda:

Neighborhood Noise Pollution
Jesse Robbins is doing research across Seattle to learn if and how noise pollution from, among other things, cars and motorcycles with loud mufflers is a problem among residents. Will ask questions about the presence of noise pollution in Highland Park neighborhood.

HPAC Meeting Minutes – 5/25/2016 & Sneak Peak at the June Meeting

SPD updates
  • Car prowls still up for the year (except some reduction in the last month)
  • Some reduction in robberies and assaults.
  • Lieutenant Ron Smith says that is very important to report all crimes.
  • (Great coverage of crime situation by the West Seattle blog.)

HPIC updates

Upcoming events and fundraiser (see website for details)

Update from Hillary Hamilton from FAS on plans for Myers Way parcel.

  • Map distributed showing different areas. Also, hand out sheet of Myers Way excess property summary.
  • Hillary talked about the history of the area, as well as, the future for the area. (also great coverage of this on the West Seattle blog.)
  • Input from community members living near the parcel. Concerns about the homeless encampments, and environmental damage. Feedback  from Barbara Dobkin, President of North Highline Unincorporated Area council .
  • Also discussion about future relations between HPAC and North Highline council once the possible annexation of White Center is more solid.
Kerry Wade explained the Department of Neighborhoods and the different Neighborhood districts and district councils and district coordinators.
  • Reviewed the different funds and grants available through the Department of Neighborhoods.Can also fine this information on their website.
Highland Park Elementary  updates
Kids involved in design for their new playgroundHPAC updates

No objection to these projects.
  • Craig announced his plans to apply for small and simple fund for WD Greenbelt trail.
No votes taken at this meeting.

Next Meeting is Weds., June 22, 2016 

Agenda Highlights

Representatives from SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation)

City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development update on the Mayor draft of the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Questions we hope to cover…

  1. What is comprehensive plan – just some basics to set the conversation
  2. What stage is the 2035 comp plan at and does the public still have an opportunity for input?
  3. What was accomplished from the 1994 comp plan for the Westwood/Highland Park area – what is being carried forward?
  4.  These are high level goals – how do they actually get carried out and how are they measured? For example: “W/HP-P20 Promote the attractiveness of higher-density residential areas through the enhancement of basic infrastructure and amenities.”
  5. WESTWOOD/HIGHLAND PARK Residential Urban Village – also known as a “low density urban village” – what does that mean and will that change as a result of the goals for the comp plan.
  6.  In the 1994 comp plan social equity included references to sexual orientation and other protected classes which was ahead o the curve at the time, that is no longer a part of the Seattle 2035, understanding and recognizing that racial equity should be the large lens by which actions and outcomes should be viewed through, and some Seattle residents live at the intersections which can increase the impact of oppression and negative outcomes – why is this not included?Reference: from 1994 “Social Equity” page vi
    “In order to promote equality, justice and understanding, the City will not tolerate discrimination in employment or housing on the basis of race, color, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, [add gender identity] political ideology, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability. The City will aim for a society that gives its residents equal opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, economic growth.”


HPAC Meeting Minutes – April 2016

HPIC updates

Officer Ron Smith from SPD gave update on dramatic increase in car break-ins  in Seattle and Highland Park.

Mary Fleck from Seattle Green Spaces Coalition provided update on plans for Myers Way parcels. She urged people to sign the petition on the website

change.org. HPAC has been requested to submit a letter of support.

Seattle Neighborhood Group did a crime prevention workshop on how to keep your vehicle safe.

Updates from Principal Chris Cronas of Highland Park Elementary and Leslie Harris Seattle Public School Board Director District 6.

Good discussion about progress being made at the school as well as, the challenges they still face. Discussion about some ways people can volunteer to help.

Discussion about Cleanup Day April 30th 10am to 2pm. Hand out provided with details. See West Seattle Blog for highlights from the clean up

 The neighborhood street funds proposals will be reviewed at the Delridge Council meeting May 18th 7pm at Youngstown Cultural Center.

No votes were taken at this meeting.

Next HPAC meeting is Weds, May 25th.