April Meeting Agenda

April 24th at the Highland Park Improvement Club on 12th and Holden, we’ll be discussing living with wildilife in the city with a Wildlife Biologist from the USDA. It’s a cool presentation complete with animal pelts and everything- bring your questions. We’ll also hear from Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, who would like to hear from us too:

The Duwamish, Seattle’s only river, has been declared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Superfund Site, one of the most hazardous waste sites in the nation, and its health and future is at a critical moment.  On February 28, 2013 the EPA released its proposed cleanup plan for the Duwamish River.  The affected communities and residents of Seattle now have 3 months to provide their comments, input and concerns. This will be our only opportunity to ensure a cleanup that is environmentally sound, socially equitable, and provides A River for All: you, residents of the area, Tribal and subsistence fishermen, fish, wildlife, business and industry. All of us will be affected by how well the EPA cleans up our river. 


March HPAC Meeting Agenda

HPAC meeting tomorrow night, 3/27. Agenda includes:

  • Nickelsville: in light of this weekend’s events. We’ve surveyed you in the past to make sure we’re representing our neighborhood accurately, we’d like to get a sense how you feel about it at this point, almost 8 months after our last survey.
  • A presentation with a preview of the raingarden designed for HPIC- we need your input!
  • We MIGHT also be having some wildlife experts join us to speak about living with wildlife in the city- I know there were folks concerned with coyotes- now’s your chance to speak with a professional about them. (but I haven’t gotten confirmation on their attendance yet, sorry!)
See you at HPIC (Highland Park Improvement Club) on 12th and Holden:  meeting at 7pm or at 6:45 to help set up.
In lieu of a potluck this month, we will be serving some dessert treats at the meeting.

Raingarden Workshop at South Seattle Community College

Stewardship Partners, WSU Extension and the 12,000 Rain Gardens Campaign are hosting 4 more rain garden workshops this spring.  We’re excited that one will be in our neighborhood!  April 11th at the South Seattle Community College, from 6- 8:30 pm.

The workshop will cover the basics of urban runoff, rain garden design, plant selection, maintenance and local incentive programs. It is free and open to the public. RSVPs are much appreciated. Content is geared for home and landowners who are considering a rain garden as a way to improve their landscape, reduce flooding on their property or improve the environment in a meaningful way, but the material will be relevant to anyone wishing to learn more about these amazing, beautiful, and hard working gardens. Hope to see you there!

For more info: www.12000raingardens.org and click on the “Events” tab.

February 27 Meeting Agenda

  • discussion with Seattle Parks about progress at Westcrest Park
  • discussion with Food Lifeline about their intentions for the property which currently hosts Nickelsville
  • nutritionist’s take on how important Vitamin D is in our climate (especially at this time of year)
  • quick look at some options we have as a community for pursuing more trees at Riverview
  • vote on leadership for HPAC, current leadership was re-nominated in January, and we welcome Nancy Calos-Nakano’s interest in the vice-chair position