HPAC Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017 & See You in September!

HPAC Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017

SPD Update:

Lt. Ron Smith: reviews crime statistics

Car prowls still big problem although, down from last year.

Arrested man for human trafficking of 18 year old woman.

Opportunities at our sister organization HPIC: Communications/Social Media, Finance Committee and Party Staff

Email hpic1919@gmail.com about any of these opportunities.
  • Communications/Social Media We are looking for member/volunteer(s) to help represent HPIC to our community via our email, Facebook and webpage. This is an important role, needed in the next few weeks. The person(s) in this role should love social media, understand Gmail and/or other email applications, and have the ability to make web posts through WordPress and/or other web applications. We are considering changing our email and website applications, so please be savvy and flexible on the computer!
  • Finance Committee: Are you a nuts and bolts person when it comes to getting things done? HPIC is a non-profit and that also means it’s a business. We need member/volunteers with vision and financial/business knowledge (or interest) to help us grow into a sustainable, self-supporting neighborhood resource.
  • Party Staff (paid – $20.00 per hour) We are looking for HPIC members who are interested in being Party Staff for Private Rentals at HPIC. HPIC views every rental as an opportunity for outreach, and for serving the needs of our community. The Party Staff will have the important role of making a positive connection with the renters while also making sure that their event is respectful to the property and the neighborhood. This is an opportunity to experience celebrations and events of various cultures.

Micro Community Policing Plan for Highland Park
Jennifer Burbridge Research Analyst Micro Community Policing Plan Focus Group

Handed out summary of community policing plan.

Good discussion about the most frequent crime issues that members of the community are dealing with. Also, discussion about what members feel is most needed from the police department. Many felt that we need more police, including more than one station in all of West Seattle and South Park, and more police presence.

Announcement of goal:
HPAC to develop our own Neighborhood Design Guidelines for Highland Park in conjunction/including with South Delridge, and Riverview. Currently, neighborhoods such as Morgan Junction, Greenwood, Ballard,Uptown, Downtown, and Wallingford have neighborhood specific design guidelines. If you are interested in joining this subcommittee, attend the September meeting and/or email hpacchair@gmail.com to join this newly forming subcommittee.

Steering committee to compose letter to the Mayor stating HPAC’s response to his executive order to cut ties with the 13 Neighborhood District Councils.

No votes taken at this meeting.

Next meeting is September 28, 2017

Sneak Peek at September Draft Agenda:

Neighborhood Noise Pollution
Jesse Robbins is doing research across Seattle to learn if and how noise pollution from, among other things, cars and motorcycles with loud mufflers is a problem among residents. Will ask questions about the presence of noise pollution in Highland Park neighborhood.

HPAC March Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee present- Chair: Gunner Scott; Vice Chair: Craig Rankin; Treasurer: Michelle Glassley;  Secretary: Beth Andrisevic; Vice Chair/Speaker liaison: Michelle Witzki

  • Lt. Ron Smith From SPD provided update on increase in car prowls. See Crime prevention Bulletin at Seattle.gov
  • Announcements: The homeless RV lots are on hold for now due to costs. See West Seattle Blog
  • Efforts underway to remove abandoned car from Green Belt.

Connie, Highland Park Elementary VP of PTA announced Principal Chris Cronas will be a HPAC April meeting to talk about new programs at HPE. Also KUOW will be airing a program about HPE. See Highland Park Elementary PTA for events and updates

  • Craig provided update on West Duwamish GreenBelt trails.

Presented selection of 10 grant proposals for Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund – There was a motion to approve the 4 selections listed below and motion was passed.

1) Speed bumps off SW Holden on 12th Ave, SW, 11th Ave SW, and SW Portland St,(various locations)

2) Traffic circle 25th ave and SW Brandon

3) Crosswalk at 20th and SW Genesee.

4) Repair stairway at Bataan Park, SW Grand.

Neighborhood cleanup day proposed for Highland Park – voted to be April 30th (see announcement below)
Discussions about other needed projects. Possible Streets, sidewalks and Green Belts committees. Also discussions about neighborhood outreach to increase neighborhood engagement.

See West Seattle Blog for details of the full meeting.

HPAC April 27th Agenda

7:00 Welcome Craig & Michele
– SPD updates
– Myers Way Update from Mary
7:10 – 7:40 Seattle Neighborhood Group – Crime Prevention Workshop
– Vehicle Security: How to protect your car from crime. 
7:45 – 8:10 Principal Chris Cronas of Highland Park Elementary is excited to partner with HPIC/HPAC.  He will speak about
-Improvements made at HPE over this school year
-Academic and philosophical goals
-Social and Emotional Learning
-Early learning issues (pre-kindergarten)
– Answer questions
8:15 – HPAC updates

– Delridge Community Council Update
– WD Greenbelt Trails update
– Agenda Items for May 25th Meeting
– Sub commitees
– Community Announcements and closing

Community Announcements: 

Vote for the Highland Park 12th Ave SW/SW Kenyon Street Mural Design

Please vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/3Jj8tKV9Bt

Neighbors on the 7700 block of 12th Ave SW are planning a street intersection mural. Local artists have provided 3 different design concepts and we are looking for your vote on your favorite design. Once the design has been chosen from a majority vote, it will be submitted to the City for final approval. We hope to be painting this by early summer 2016.

Other designs not selected will be available for use in other street intersections if desired. If you have any questions please contact gunnerscott@gmail.com. Voting will be open until 4/15/2016 and is open to Highland Park & Riverview residents, including homeowners, renters, and businesses in the area.

Highland Park Neighborhood Cleanup Day – Saturday April 30th – 10am – 2pm 

We need 3 team leaders – one for each staging area – email hpacchair@gmail.com if you will be a team leader.

Currently Focused on 3 areas –

    1. Highland Park Playground – Meet/Staging at 1100 SW Cloverdale St
    2. Highland Park Way SW from SW Holden down to Bus stop across from Othello St (side without sidewalk) – Meet/Staging at parking lot of HPIC 1116 SW Holden St
    3. SW Holden between 12th Ave SW and 15th Ave SW – Meet/Staging at HPIC 1116 SW Holden St 

Bring gloves and rakes – bags and other supplies will be provided

Highland Park Improvement Club: HPIC is looking for Bar Crew! Have you always wanted to be a bartender? Well, we are looking for Corner Bar Crew and more! See http://www.hpic1919.org/

Next HPIC Corner Bar is April 1st!

DEPAVE Highland Park Improvement Club!

Mark your calendars now for March 22 so you don’t miss out on this really fun event kicking off the beginning of the dramatic change to the HPIC parking lot into a courtyard! You thought the raingardens and cisterns were changing things, wait until you see what’s coming. Depave Day (more info on their website)  will be an event we will be talking about for years- let’s kick that parking lot’s asphalt! (oh no, I did say that.) Come learn how to remove asphalt- more details to come, pretty sure beer will be involved, but get it on your calendar. An all ages, family fun HPIC event sponsored by Sustainable Seattle and Stewardship Partners.

West Seattle Transportation Coalition

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition is a Peninsula-wide organization working to address transportation and mobility issues for Seattle’s largest constituency. Representing more than 100,000 people living and working in the 10 square mile area between the Duwamish River and Puget Sound, these community leaders, advocates, business owners, and residents are working to address transportation and commuting challenges caused by:

  • The reduction of mass transit services: The current insufficient level of service will be compounded by the proposed cuts in our already under served area.
  • Loss of infrastructure: The scheduled removal of the SR-99 Viaduct without sufficient replacement capacity on other routes to and from our Peninsula.
  • Density without transportation capacity: The region’s commitment to increased density is not matched with equivalent increases in transportation capacity to serve the Peninsula’s steadily growing population.
  • Natural barriers: West Seattle has only limited routes connecting it to downtown and beyond for the vast majority of its commuters. Mass transit is the only option that can move us across these choke points to keep our transportation systems functioning.

HPAC would like our members’ support so we can formally endorse this as a community group, adding to the strong voice they are working hard to create. We’ll be discussing this endorsement at our next HPAC meeting on October 23rd, but here’s how you can help in the meantime:

Join the Coalition 

Speak Up so they know what matters to those of us living in Highland Park and Riverview.  You can also bring your concerns to HPAC and we can communicate them for you if that’s easier or more comfortable.

Stay Informed

September 25th HPAC meeting

The agenda is getting packed for our SEPTEMBER HPAC MEETING on the 25th at 7pm. We will have several guests: 
  • David Barber from Seattle City Light speaking about their two surplus properties in our neighborhood and seeking our input. More info on this website, addresses in question are 8820 9th ave SW (near 9th and Henderson)  and 1605 SW Holden (across from 7-11). With our input, we could help create some really positive transformations for Highland Park.
  • John Phillips and Kristine Cramer from the King County Wastewater Treatment Division are coming to discuss roadside rain gardens in the street right of way in Highland Park. 
  • Jo Sullivan from King County will be there again to give us an update on the success of Rainwise so far in Highland Park and answer any questions folks have about raingardens and qualifying for rebates. 
  • Seattle Parks department will be there to give us an update on Westcrest park improvements and to answer questions.
  • Kim Frappier from Forterra (Formerly Cascade Land Conservancy) will be sharing that Westcrest is participating in Green Seattle Day on November 2nd, come hear about that and ongoing forest restoration work in Highland Park.
  • Hannah Kett from Sustainable Seattle has some announcements about exciting changes coming to HPIC! 

June HPAC cancelled for Greenway Meeting July 9th

Our regularly scheduled HPAC meeting will not be happening in June, because SDOT will be hosting a Neighborhood Greenway Meeting instead that we encourage everyone to come to. If you are at all interested in having a Greenway come through Highland Park, and would like a say in which street the route is on- now’s your chance,  please join us.

It will be on TUESDAY, JULY 9th, from 6-7:30 pm at Highland Park Improvement Club on 12th and Holden. (please note, this is not our normal HPAC meeting day or time, so mark your calendars!)

What’s a Greenway? Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets where signs and pavement markings are used to guide people along the route; and speed and volume management measures discourage cars from avoiding main streets by cutting through on neighborhood streets. These amenities can be especially beneficial for families, children and seniors who might find these routes more comfortable than busier nearby streets. Find out more about them here.

April Meeting Agenda

April 24th at the Highland Park Improvement Club on 12th and Holden, we’ll be discussing living with wildilife in the city with a Wildlife Biologist from the USDA. It’s a cool presentation complete with animal pelts and everything- bring your questions. We’ll also hear from Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, who would like to hear from us too:

The Duwamish, Seattle’s only river, has been declared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Superfund Site, one of the most hazardous waste sites in the nation, and its health and future is at a critical moment.  On February 28, 2013 the EPA released its proposed cleanup plan for the Duwamish River.  The affected communities and residents of Seattle now have 3 months to provide their comments, input and concerns. This will be our only opportunity to ensure a cleanup that is environmentally sound, socially equitable, and provides A River for All: you, residents of the area, Tribal and subsistence fishermen, fish, wildlife, business and industry. All of us will be affected by how well the EPA cleans up our river.