Want to See More Street Trees in Highland Park?

Thanks to the voter-supported Bridging the Gap initiative, SDOT is planting over 800 street trees per year, and they are interested in finding neighborhoods where they can plant about 100 trees within (about) a 4 to 5-square block area…. see this website for more information or call 684-TREE (8733) if your section of Highland Park is interestedContinue reading “Want to See More Street Trees in Highland Park?”

Raingarden Workshop at South Seattle Community College

Stewardship Partners, WSU Extension and the 12,000 Rain Gardens Campaign are hosting 4 more rain garden workshops this spring.  We’re excited that one will be in our neighborhood!  April 11th at the South Seattle Community College, from 6- 8:30 pm. The workshop will cover the basics of urban runoff, rain garden design, plant selection, maintenanceContinue reading “Raingarden Workshop at South Seattle Community College”

Contacting City Council Members for Food Lifeline

We heard from Food Lifeline at our last meeting, and they promised to send us some information about contacting members of city council to encourage them to move forward on their plans for a new Hunger Relief Solution Center.  Here it is! They have identified the site at the bottom of Highland Park Drive thatContinue reading “Contacting City Council Members for Food Lifeline”

Some Helpful Links to help you help Highland Park

Because the city doesn’t know about our issues, or allocate resources, unless YOU TELL THEM: Police Non Emergency Number: 206-625-5011 Police  Community On-Line Reporting Program for Property Destruction, Identity Theft, Car Prowls, Auto Accessories, Theft of Property (under $500), Narcotics Activity. On-going Drug Activity:  call narcotics directly at (206) 684-5797 or our community police team at (206) 615-1976 to report ongoing drug activity, ask to file a “Narcotics Activity Report.”Continue reading “Some Helpful Links to help you help Highland Park”

Spring Clean

Here at HPAC, we try to help you help yourselves and your neighborhood- so we’re passing on this information about Seattle’s Spring Clean, which is held each year in April and May. The  city will supply things like garbage grabbers, gloves, bags, safety vests, and paint/supplies to take care of graffiti. All you have toContinue reading “Spring Clean”

Westcrest Park Updates and Volunteer Opportunities

We heard from Rick Nishi of Seattle Parks at our last meeting with a current plan of Westcrest Park / West Seattle Reservoir. See the latest plan here. The Kinetic sculptures created by artist David Boyer will be installed in three locations on the site, represented by the clusters of red dots on the plan. TheContinue reading “Westcrest Park Updates and Volunteer Opportunities”

Please Join us for the Last Meeting in our Police Series

Tonight, February 13th at 7:00 at HPIC on 12th and Holden, the second meeting focuses on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Please join us to discuss the neighborhood with the police, how we can be more empowered, how we can help ourselves improve our part of the neighborhood, and how we can help the policeContinue reading “Please Join us for the Last Meeting in our Police Series”

February 27 Meeting Agenda

discussion with Seattle Parks about progress at Westcrest Park discussion with Food Lifeline about their intentions for the property which currently hosts Nickelsville nutritionist’s take on how important Vitamin D is in our climate (especially at this time of year) quick look at some options we have as a community for pursuing more trees atContinue reading “February 27 Meeting Agenda”

Two-part series with our Community Police Team

Responding to requests and frustrations we are hearing from the community, we are hosting a series of talks with our Community Police Officer. The first one was this week and was a discussion about using the Emergency Response System more effectively. We had great turnout with a lot of new faces and a long discussionContinue reading “Two-part series with our Community Police Team”