Nominations open for HPAC executive committee and Parks and SDOT follow up materials.

Nominations for HPAC 2020 Executive Committee Now Open

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Elections will be during the annual meeting on February 26, 2020 – Candidates will provide a candidate statement via online, email, or in-person – see submission information below. All Executive Committee positions are open for nominations. See our by-laws for more information.

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of three members (minimum) to seven members (maximum) elected at the annual meeting with at least one representative from each neighborhood (Highland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge) elected to executive committee.
  2. Chairperson(s) -The duties of the Chairperson(s) shall be to preside at all HPAC: Neighbors Building Community in Highland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge meetings and Executive Committee meetings, prepare agendas for such meetings, report on the actions of the Executive Committee, maintain momentum of programs initiated by the HPAC and perform such duties as the HPAC may assign. The Chairperson(s) shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
  3. Vice Chairperson(s) -The duties of the Vice Chairperson shall be to serve in the absence of the Chairperson, to develop and encourage broader membership participation, and to plan and organize special projects and functions. The Vice Chairperson shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
  4. Secretary – The Secretary shall notify the membership of the next meeting date, time, and place within a few days prior to each meeting. Other members of the Executive Committee may also perform this duty. The Secretary shall maintain a list of active members’ names and addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses. Minutes of the HPAC meetings shall be maintained by the Secretary, with a summary of actions taken and assignments made ready to be presented at each subsequent meeting. The Secretary shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
  5. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be a member of the Executive Committee, shall receive and disburse funds as instructed by the Executive Committee and the 501c3 fiscal sponsor, Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) in accordance with the laws and regulations relating to nonprofit organizations and shall file appropriate reports. The Treasurer reports on the financial position of the HPAC shall be ready to present current finances at each meeting

Candidate Submission:
1. You may submit your intentions and candidate statement via our online form by Feb. 25, 2020
2. You can submit your intentions and candidate statement via email to by Feb. 25, 2020
3. Or you can make an in person candidate statement at the Annual meeting.
All candidates must have attended at least 3 meetings in last 12 months and either live (rent or own), have a business or have some significant connection to either Highland Park, Riverview, or South Delridge.

Candidate Statements – please provide the following:

  1. Name
  2. Position sought
  3. Address and neighborhood
  4. Email and phone
  5. Why are you interested in the position?
  6. What issue(s) and/or project(s) would you want to prioritize?
  7. What lived/professional skills, experiences, and/or resources would you bring to the position sought?
  8. What interests you most about HPAC?
  9. How much time can you commit each month?
  10. How many HPAC or South Delridge Community meetings have you attended in the last 12 months?

Learn about SDOT’s Highland Park Area Safety Project:

If you missed last month’s meeting with SDOT’s presentation about the Highland Park Area Safety Project – you can view the presentation here.

Follow Up on Westcrest Closure and temporary off-leash area

From Seattle Parks : Emily Griffith, PLA, Capital Project Coordinator
Planning and Development Division
City of Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation

As promised, here are a few pieces of follow-up information for you and the community. Please pass this information on to those who would be interested.

  1. I have attached the map we printed for the meeting. It is not on our website yet, but it should be in the near future.
  2. We compared the size of the Temporary OLA in relation to the other OLAs in our system. The Temporary OLA space will be 0.55 acres total (this includes both the Temporary OLA space and the Small/Shy Dog area). 0.55 acres is larger than six of our fourteen OLAs. Those are Denny, Colonnade, Kinnear, Plymouth Pillars, Regrade, and Magnolia Manor.
  3. We did some follow-up work on your Meyers Way question as well. As the parcel currently isn’t under the jurisdiction of SPR at this time, we can’t plan to locate anything there.

Next Meeting is at 7pm on Weds. January 22, 2020 at Highland Park Improvement Club

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