Join HPAC in Supporting Councilmember Lisa Herbold’s Anti-Displacement Ordinance

HPAC urges our neighbors to support the Anti-Displacement Ordinance that would authorize additional displacement mitigations for housing projects located in South Park, Rainier Beach, Othello, Bitter Lake, and Westwood-Highland Park. These neighborhoods have been identified as having a high risk of displacement and low access to opportunity, according to Growth and Equity: Analyzing Impacts on Displacement and Opportunity Related to Seattle’s Growth Strategy, in the Comprehensive Plan Seattle 2035, an analysis conducted by the Office of Planning and Community Development.

Councilmember Herbold has requested that the Council hear this bill concurrently with the MHA Citywide legislation.

“This ordinance would use authority granted under the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) to create a requirement for developers to mitigate the impacts resulting from the loss of affordable housing in those areas of the city that, if we didn’t do so, the result would be a failure to fulfill our obligation to ‘affirmatively promote fair housing’ — in other words, in areas where disproportionate displacement of communities of color and other protected classes is likely to occur,” Herbold said

See full Press Release

If you plan on testifying on MHA, we ask you ask the council to support the Anti-Displacement Ordinance

Tonight is the Last Seattle City Council Hearing on Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA)
Thursday, February 21st
5:30 PM – Council Chambers, City Hall, 600 4th Ave. Seattle 
We suggest folks arrive at least an hour early to sign up to testify. 

Please Note: Times listed are estimated
A. Call To Order
B. Chair’s Report (5 minutes)
C. Items of Business Public Hearing for Items 1 – 3: CB 119443, CB 119444, and CB 119445 

If you are unable to attend, please send comments to Committee Chair, Rob Johnson at and cc all Councilmembers by emailing

Seattle City Council meetings are cablecast and Webcast live onSeattle Channel 21 and on theCity Council’s website. Copies of legislation, Council meeting calendar, and archives of news releases can be found on theCity Council website. Follow the Council onTwitter and onFacebook.

Additional News Coverage of MHA: 

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