HPAC Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2018

(Approved with amendments on June 27, 2018)

The meeting was called to order by HPAC Chair Charlie Omana at 7:00pm, and the minutes for the April 25, 2018 were approved. Executive members present: Vice-Chair Gunner Scott and Secretary James Tucker.

Highland Park Way / SW Holden St Roundabout Project Update

James Le from the Seattle Department of Transportation updated HPAC on the Highland Park Way / SW Holden St Roundabout project.  In October of 2012 a proposal for the roundabout was made by former HPAC Chair Brian Dougherty.  In 2013 the committee applied for a grant through the Neighborhood Street Fund for a roundabout or traffic signal.  In 2017, the Find It Fix It meeting with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Councilmember Herbold highlighted the need for a roundabout.  Afterwards $200,000 was dedicated to start the design work on the roundabout.  Also, $300,000 was dedicated to construction.  In 2017, an attempt to get a state grant for additional needed funds was denied, but it was noted that the grant proposal received a great number of letters in support from the community.  In April 2018, WSDOT encouraged SDOT to apply for a grant under the state’s City Safety Program which bases approval on reduction of fatal or serious injury.  The HP roundabout project was found to have a 4 to 1 benefit/cost ratio in this regards, with a 2 to 1 ratio being considered good.  We’ll hear about whether this grant succeeds in December 2018.

James Le spoke then about the current state of the project.  Approximately $50,000 has been spent for a survey. Basemapping, which overlays utilities and the like, is taking place now.  The next step is analysis and design concepts which $100,000 has been allocated.  A design firm is being contracted to start this phase.  The entire project is estimated currently to cost around $2.5 million, $800k for materials and labor, a 40% contingency for cost overruns or additions, and 25% design/inspection/right-of-way costs.  Outreach from SDOT will be done once the design phase is underway to solicit feedback from the community.

A good summary of the discussion can be found on the West Seattle Blog at http://westseattleblog.com/2018/05/from-the-roundabout-to-the-triangle-highland-park-action-committee/

Community Announcements

Highland Park Improvement Club

The Album Side Saturday event will be held the second Saturday in June with music and food from 4-8pm.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Feedback

The city produced a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for ADUs in May 2018 and is seeking feedback.  You may find the report and submit feedback up until June 25th at http://www.seattle.gov/council/adu-eis.

RV Problem

There was discussion on the problem of people living in their RV’s in Highland Park, particularly near Riverview Park.  The problem of how to get the city to enforce the laws already on the books was brought up. Specifically, that vehicles wider than 80 inches can’t park overnight on streets in areas not zoned industrial.  Also, an RV is the jurisdiction of the Parks Department when on park property, and the Seattle Police Department when on rights-of-way.  Having SPD and the Parks Department attend a future HPAC meeting was discussed.

Delridge Triangle Project

Kim Barnes from the Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Community Coalition discussed a project to redesign a small patch of land at SW Barton St and 18th Ave SW called the Delridge Triangle.  The current design of the property is encouraging of  bad behavior like drug use.  The project team is working to get a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from Seattle to fund phase one which includes coming up with a new design for the property.  Phase two would be build-out of that design and be funded by a future grant.  To get the matching grant requires community involvement, so the team is asking for people to get informed and involved.  Look for upcoming communications asking for pledges of time, labor, money, and/or in-kind contributions to help bolster the grant applications chances of success.  See https://delridgetriangle.org/ for more information.

HPAC Executive Committee Updates

Mayor’s Visit to Highland Park

The current status was reported by Chair Charlie Omana.  HPAC is still trying to get a commitment for when Mayor Durkan will attend an HPAC meeting.  A deputy mayor will be attending a morning meeting in coming weeks to see the challenges currently being encountered at the Highland Park Way and SW Holden intersection.

Update on 16th and Holden Left Turn Lane

HPAC Chair Charlie Omana has been in touch with Chris Faulkner at SDOT and he said that SDOT had been developing a plan for a left turn lane for northbound southbound 16th Ave SW at SW Holden St.  However there is no project to implement any design on the books.  HPAC needs to get a definitive answer.  Charlie Omana will reach out to other city contacts and Lisa Herbold for more information.

Next Steps for Meyers Way

Vice-Chair Gunner Scott discussed the current status of the Meyers Way encampment work being done by HPAC.  Many letters are being sent to city officials asking for our concerns to be addressed.  Future updates will be forthcoming.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Submitted 6/17/2018 by HPAC Secretary James Tucker.

The next HPAC meeting will be Wednesday, June 27th, 2018.

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