HPAC Meeting Minutes – 5/25/2016 & Sneak Peak at the June Meeting

SPD updates
  • Car prowls still up for the year (except some reduction in the last month)
  • Some reduction in robberies and assaults.
  • Lieutenant Ron Smith says that is very important to report all crimes.
  • (Great coverage of crime situation by the West Seattle blog.)

HPIC updates

Upcoming events and fundraiser (see website for details)

Update from Hillary Hamilton from FAS on plans for Myers Way parcel.

  • Map distributed showing different areas. Also, hand out sheet of Myers Way excess property summary.
  • Hillary talked about the history of the area, as well as, the future for the area. (also great coverage of this on the West Seattle blog.)
  • Input from community members living near the parcel. Concerns about the homeless encampments, and environmental damage. Feedback  from Barbara Dobkin, President of North Highline Unincorporated Area council .
  • Also discussion about future relations between HPAC and North Highline council once the possible annexation of White Center is more solid.
Kerry Wade explained the Department of Neighborhoods and the different Neighborhood districts and district councils and district coordinators.
  • Reviewed the different funds and grants available through the Department of Neighborhoods.Can also fine this information on their website.
Highland Park Elementary  updates
Kids involved in design for their new playgroundHPAC updates

No objection to these projects.
  • Craig announced his plans to apply for small and simple fund for WD Greenbelt trail.
No votes taken at this meeting.

Next Meeting is Weds., June 22, 2016 

Agenda Highlights

Representatives from SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation)

City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development update on the Mayor draft of the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Questions we hope to cover…

  1. What is comprehensive plan – just some basics to set the conversation
  2. What stage is the 2035 comp plan at and does the public still have an opportunity for input?
  3. What was accomplished from the 1994 comp plan for the Westwood/Highland Park area – what is being carried forward?
  4.  These are high level goals – how do they actually get carried out and how are they measured? For example: “W/HP-P20 Promote the attractiveness of higher-density residential areas through the enhancement of basic infrastructure and amenities.”
  5. WESTWOOD/HIGHLAND PARK Residential Urban Village – also known as a “low density urban village” – what does that mean and will that change as a result of the goals for the comp plan.
  6.  In the 1994 comp plan social equity included references to sexual orientation and other protected classes which was ahead o the curve at the time, that is no longer a part of the Seattle 2035, understanding and recognizing that racial equity should be the large lens by which actions and outcomes should be viewed through, and some Seattle residents live at the intersections which can increase the impact of oppression and negative outcomes – why is this not included?Reference: from 1994 “Social Equity” page vi
    “In order to promote equality, justice and understanding, the City will not tolerate discrimination in employment or housing on the basis of race, color, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, [add gender identity] political ideology, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability. The City will aim for a society that gives its residents equal opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, economic growth.”


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Neighbors Building Community: Advocating for Highland Park, Riverview and South Delridge. An all volunteer group made up of neighbors, local business, and community organizations advocating for neighborhood infrastructure, community resources, and livability.

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