HPAC’s Official Comment for City Light’s Public Hearing on Surplus Properties

We submitted an official comment on the Surplus Properties that we felt reflected the sentiment felt at our September meeting:

We would like to request a re-zone of the Dumar site (16th and Holden) from residential to NC1-30 to match the other corner properties’ zoning before it is sold. This would not only help City Light earn more money for the sale, but also make sense for this corner property on an arterial. The entire neighborhood would benefit from a re-zone as it would encourage a more walkable community. We would like to see the whole neighborhood benefit from this sale rather than the sale benefiting just a single developer.

We would also like to encourage the sale of the White Center site (9th and Henderson) to King County Wastewater Division as a site for Green Stormwater Infrastructure. There is great need for space in our neighborhood for stormwater infiltration and we feel that this site would lend itself well to that sustainable endeavor. We also feel that this would be in the best interest of the entire community, who would be involved in the design process if it were to go forward with King County, rather than selling the benefit to a single developer. This site has a rich history and was donated to the city by a community member- we would like to make sure the neighborhood is returned some benefit in its sale. 

We encourage City Light to consider these requests from Highland Park and Riverview as they have the power to positively contribute to the sustainability of our neighborhood, and to provide benefit to the most number of people. 

If you are interested in submitting an official comment, please go to this website to submit your comments, you’ll see a link on the right side of the page that says “submit comments here.” It is also helpful to send your comments to City Council. Thank you!

Published by HPAC

Neighbors Building Community: Advocating for Highland Park, Riverview and South Delridge. An all volunteer group made up of neighbors, local business, and community organizations advocating for neighborhood infrastructure, community resources, and livability.

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