September 25th HPAC meeting

The agenda is getting packed for our SEPTEMBER HPAC MEETING on the 25th at 7pm. We will have several guests: 
  • David Barber from Seattle City Light speaking about their two surplus properties in our neighborhood and seeking our input. More info on this website, addresses in question are 8820 9th ave SW (near 9th and Henderson)  and 1605 SW Holden (across from 7-11). With our input, we could help create some really positive transformations for Highland Park.
  • John Phillips and Kristine Cramer from the King County Wastewater Treatment Division are coming to discuss roadside rain gardens in the street right of way in Highland Park. 
  • Jo Sullivan from King County will be there again to give us an update on the success of Rainwise so far in Highland Park and answer any questions folks have about raingardens and qualifying for rebates. 
  • Seattle Parks department will be there to give us an update on Westcrest park improvements and to answer questions.
  • Kim Frappier from Forterra (Formerly Cascade Land Conservancy) will be sharing that Westcrest is participating in Green Seattle Day on November 2nd, come hear about that and ongoing forest restoration work in Highland Park.
  • Hannah Kett from Sustainable Seattle has some announcements about exciting changes coming to HPIC! 

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