Questions for our Mayoral Candidates

We know how Mayor McGinn has dealt with Nickelsville and HPAC- we posed the question via email to the Mayoral candidates to see what they would have done, or will do differently. We understand that politicians don’t answer hypothetical questions, oh well- we asked them anyway. Here’s what we asked each of the candidates:

IF you were Mayor at the time Nickelsville landed at the gateway to our neighborhood over two years ago, what would you have done? Would you, as McGinn did, have ignored the situation festering for the homeless, and the community’s request for leadership? Would you have given the encampment a notice to vacate the site in an effort to find a legal and fair solution for all?
And now, over two years later, if you were Mayor, would you give a move out date to the encampment as the community is requesting, before its third summer camping illegally? Or would you be willing to give the encampment more time at its current location?
…. This is very important for our community to know, but also for every other neighborhood in Seattle to understand what kind of precedent you, as a potential Mayor, would be willing to set for illegal encampments, treatment of the homeless, and treatment of neighborhoods…. we understand that encampment legislation is on the table right now, but that is not what we are asking about, we are just asking how you would have acted given the same situation, and how you would act now.
We just asked yesterday, so it may take a while to get responses… and we are thankful to all the candidates for  their time answering these for our neighborhood. We have heard back from one so far, and will continue to post responses here  (if we get any more!):
Kate Martin: pointed us to a post on her website, saying she will expand on that post overtime, but wanted get the basics of her perspective established.
MEANWHILE, Nickelsville is all over the news, related to either the encampment legislation in City Council, or allegations against Share / Wheel, which is loosely related to Nickelsville… so the political pressure is definitely increasing to deal with the situation at hand differently. Check out these articles if you get a chance, we’ll continue to add more as they come up:

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