No Word from the City about Nickelsville…

We sent a letter to the Mayor and members of the City Council on April 2 requesting a move out date for Nickelsville, it can be found here. We asked that they give us a date by May 13th (today) to give the residents a month’s time to move out by June 13th. To date we have not heard back from anyone other than Councilman Conlin, who said:

Thank you for the message. I appreciate the concerns and problems that you face, and think your suggested remedy makes sense. Encampments are inherently unstable and are not part of getting people back into housing and full participation in the community.
We contacted the mayor’s office last week to request a meeting as a last ditch effort, and he couldn’t fit us in until May 22nd. We replied to the Mayor’s office, with a reminder that the ball is in his court to act at this point, and that we are not waiting for legislative action from City Council any longer. The Mayor has donated thousands of dollars in materials and rat abatement, and has been ignoring the neighborhood pleas for city action. We asked again that he be brave enough politically to stand up for our neighborhood and say no- that one cannot squat illegally on public land anymore, that it is too much to ask of our neighborhoods without due process and public comment. Giving the encampment a move out date is the Mayor’s job, and we are meeting with him on May 22nd  to make sure that he understands that, and to make sure he knows that the neighborhood is serious when we ask for a move out date. If he chooses to continue to ignore this, he will have a difficult time getting through the political season coming up without having to address his non-action. As we stated in our April 2nd letter, we will be taking steps to pursue legal action at this point.
The Real Change Newspaper’s Rosette Royale has just written a great article on the current inaction / stand still, it can be found here.

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Neighbors Building Community: Advocating for Highland Park, Riverview and South Delridge. An all volunteer group made up of neighbors, local business, and community organizations advocating for neighborhood infrastructure, community resources, and livability.

One thought on “No Word from the City about Nickelsville…

  1. I live in Highland Park and I drive by the camp every day. I dont have a problem with it. It’s mostly out of view and unless you know it’s there you can hardly see it. It affords the residents some parking for those that have cars, it has a bus stop for those that dont. I’ve donated items and taken food down and have been met with organization and courtesy. I understand some children live there and attend nearby schools. I doubt many people live there by choice as I’m sure it can get hot, dusty in summer and wet and rainy and cold in winter.

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