March HPAC Meeting Agenda

HPAC meeting tomorrow night, 3/27. Agenda includes:

  • Nickelsville: in light of this weekend’s events. We’ve surveyed you in the past to make sure we’re representing our neighborhood accurately, we’d like to get a sense how you feel about it at this point, almost 8 months after our last survey.
  • A presentation with a preview of the raingarden designed for HPIC- we need your input!
  • We MIGHT also be having some wildlife experts join us to speak about living with wildlife in the city- I know there were folks concerned with coyotes- now’s your chance to speak with a professional about them. (but I haven’t gotten confirmation on their attendance yet, sorry!)
See you at HPIC (Highland Park Improvement Club) on 12th and Holden:  meeting at 7pm or at 6:45 to help set up.
In lieu of a potluck this month, we will be serving some dessert treats at the meeting.

Published by HPAC

Neighbors Building Community: Advocating for Highland Park, Riverview and South Delridge. An all volunteer group made up of neighbors, local business, and community organizations advocating for neighborhood infrastructure, community resources, and livability.

One thought on “March HPAC Meeting Agenda

  1. Conditions have indeed worsen at the homeless camp in Highland Park. There has been more public funds drawn to take care of managed as area i.e. parks department crews working on clearing blackberries,Police Department resources drawn the neighborhoods that actually support them with tax dollars that pay their salaries. Repeatedly, month after month the city not listening to the voices of people who claim this is been a tragedy that has been allowed to continue on the weight of one neighborhood’s shoulders. I even came home to find the most outrageous misuse of taxpayer money when I saw the3 full SeattleParks and Recreation trucks which contain full crews clearing out blackberry bushes, for the illegal homeless camp that is been ongoing for over two years-Nowhere in Seattle can you camp on public land within Seattle city limits and have your stay longer than 90 days! So why does the mayor Mike McGinn and city Council members and now the parks department still allow this illegal squatting to continue for yet another year.
    This is so disgraceful that city officials have allowed this to continue in our neighborhood, therefore, not their neighborhood of where they live and have to drive home every day through skid row, the rats that line the area swarm in the evening and early mornings. Maybe council members have missed hearing the voices of the people that have to use the buses systems from these neighborhoods, and when they get to work their coworkers are revolted by the smell that is absorbed on their clothes from taking a bus right in with other fellow homeless people from the Camp. The helplessness that citizens feel when they call 911 to report a homeless person obviously distressed enough to be lying in their own excrement and puke for assistance, while getting a response did they ask for help?You must be kidding me if the council members think that you will be kept in office one more term of inaction you have been sorely mistaken.Highland Park is the gateway to our homes, the mayor Mike McGinn dismissed the comments from citizens of our neighborhoods when he allowed this to flourish, they said they would be no children or women down in the camp,They said no drugs the people just walk around the block doing the drugs. Crime in our area has skyrocketed, Theft in our area has substantially grown, who gets to clean up this mess while these funds are being misdirected to take care of the homeless –
    So keep ignoring our neighborhood’s request to clean up the largest mess you could step in Mayor McGinn we will find it our personal mission to make sure that you do not return to your seat and office in the next election. People in this neighborhood of all ethnic backgrounds have a strong work ethic and they know if you ignore the people who hired you to act in public service, that you will not stay employed by the people whom which you’re supposed to be serving equally.
    I look forward to working hand in hand with the next Mayor of our city to improving the gate way to our homes.The grass (weeds) is allowed to grow to 3 feet before it gets the attention of tractor mower.
    I leave you with this quickly composed comment, to inaction on this matter, now what will you do to rectify our concerns.

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